Desperate gentlemen demonstrate new mechanism to promote wellness and enhance vitality

A dedicated group of vagrant citizens have demonstrated a new practice to promote personal wellness and enhance overall vitality and strength of character.  Some are even calling it the new national pastime.  It is called “Cytronian fear running”, named after the invading alien legions of the same name.  With uninvited incursions in the northern continent occasionally being felt at home, it is quickly rising in popularity.

It usually begins as a homeless gentle person encounters an armed Cytronian assassin in the street.  The individual is immediately infused with a burst of new energy and so-called “panic”, resulting from a surge of adrenaline, caused indirectly by the genuine fear of being flayed or perhaps eaten alive.  This begins a form of urban stretching and exercise that is most beneficial to the constitution, mind and spirit, even testing the individual’s very will to live.  As a crucible reveals dross through the flame, the Cytronian fear runner displays his true nature and strength of character to the nation, which inspires us all.  Keep on running, guys!

Lusty youth clash with city planning officials

Many youngsters did battle with town officials and peace enforcement bots this morning over a recent government plan to remove all signs and streets that would evoke uncomfortable stereotypes and feelings of sleepiness.  This is placeholder text so one should not expect to see much here of interest or enlightenment.  This is just placeholder text.

Cybernetic partner creates new paradigm for family planning

Many appaled by the WonderBride 2000’s new family planning options,
including child bearing and child rearing functions.   The lastest in
the arena of digital companionship has added an element of realism to an
otherwise fruitless and capricious industry.  The WonderBride 2000
offers an array of emotional defects and complications for the bored
user, including mood swings, insults, arbitrary combat, and even a
procreation mode which enables the user to experience spousal abuse and
parenting in lifelike and painful detail.