Desperate gentlemen demonstrate new mechanism to promote wellness and enhance vitality

A dedicated group of vagrant citizens have demonstrated a new practice to promote personal wellness and enhance overall vitality and strength of character.  Some are even calling it the new national pastime.  It is called “Cytronian fear running”, named after the invading alien legions of the same name.  With uninvited incursions in the northern continent occasionally being felt at home, it is quickly rising in popularity.

It usually begins as a homeless gentle person encounters an armed Cytronian assassin in the street.  The individual is immediately infused with a burst of new energy and so-called “panic”, resulting from a surge of adrenaline, caused indirectly by the genuine fear of being flayed or perhaps eaten alive.  This begins a form of urban stretching and exercise that is most beneficial to the constitution, mind and spirit, even testing the individual’s very will to live.  As a crucible reveals dross through the flame, the Cytronian fear runner displays his true nature and strength of character to the nation, which inspires us all.  Keep on running, guys!

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